Dog parks are wonderful places and here are some things to remember about dog park etiquette when going with your dog.

Keep your dog on lead until they reach inside the park, then let them off.

Don’t crowd around the gates, also making sure that all gates are shut behind you so doggies can’t escape!

Pick up after your dog!

Keep an eye on your dog at all times, don’t leave your dog there whilst you go do your shopping!

Invest in training so your dog will come back to you when called..this is hard work and takes a lot of practice.

If your dog doesn’t like certain breeds of dogs, then go at times when those types of dogs aren’t there.

If you have kids with you, don’t let them play their own games in dog parks, but instead remember dog parks are places for dogs to run around and have fun!

Enjoy meeting and greeting with other dog owners and talk about your dogs, make friends, and maybe even meet a single!

Practising good dog park etiquette is key to having a relaxing and fun time in a dog park.