Client Name: Brian and Joy Walkenspaw

Dog’s Name: Sadie

City: Lancaster, OH

Breed: Border Collie Mix

Likes: I like chewing on wood, playing with balls and eating ice cubes!

Pet Peeves: I hate being ignored and not getting “enough” attention!

Favorite Toy: I LOVE BALLS! Especially my outside waffle ball!

Favorite Treat: Peanut butter!

Favorite Walk: I love to walk through Slate Run Metro Park!

Best Trick: I like catching my Frisbee!

Arrival Story: After a real long ride in a car with my new mommy and daddy, and some stops to meet other new people, I got to my new house.  My new mommy and daddy played with me a whole bunch and I tried to chase a kitty.  She is my new sister but she doesn’t want to play.  There is a lot of area for me to run here bit I like to stay close to mommy and daddy!

Bio: I was born on a farm; I think it was an Amish farm.  Then a nice lade came and took me to a place with lots of other puppies.  I heard the lady say she rescued me o that bad things wouldn’t happen to me.   I know I had at least one brother bit he was taken to a new home, leaving me with the other puppies.  A few days later the nice lady let me visit some new people and they took me home with them.  They are now my mommy and daddy.

Motto: Just Play!!!