RangerIt happens every year: the weather gets cold and that can be tough on dogs.

If you have a dog that likes to go outside and run for a while, then your dog is bound to want to go outside in the cold in the winter. Plus, exercise is very important.

Here are some tips for when your dog is in the cold:

* Keep your dog on a leash in the snow and ice, especially if there is a snowstorm in progress. Dogs can get lost easily if their visibility is compromised. Also make sure your dog wears ID tags at all times.

* When coming inside from running and playing in snow, sleet, or ice, wipe off your dog’s legs and stomach. This is because there may be salt, antifreeze, and other substances in the snow that can be potentially dangerous to a dog when they lick themselves. The paws can also be damaged from salt in the snow or encrusted ice.

* Never shave your dog in the winter because he or she needs the longer coat to stay warm.

* When you bathe your dog in the winter, make sure he or she is completely dry before going outside. If you own a short-haired breed, you may want to consider getting a doggy coat or sweater.

* Don’t leave your dog alone in the car during the winter months. This is one of the most common winter dog tips that you will hear because the car can get cold fast, just like it can heat up fast in the summer. Dogs have frozen to death in cars many times.

* Puppies don’t tolerate cold as well as adult dogs do, so it may be difficult to housebreak your puppy in the winter. If your puppy appears to be sensitive to temperatures, then paper training may be best.

* Elderly dogs are also not very tolerant of cold. In this case, only take your dog outside to do his or her business and then come right back inside.

* If your dog likes to be outside, it is good to increase his or her food supply, especially with high protein food. This keeps his health and his fur in the best possible shape.

* If there is any coolant or other hazardous substances spilled, make sure they are promptly cleaned up so your dog doesn’t try to ingest.

* It can even get cold in the house. Make sure your dog has a warm place to sleep. In the floor away from drafts is ideal. You can invest in a warm blanket or dog pillow to keep them comfortable.

So there you have some cold weather tips for dogs so that you can make sure that both you and your dog remain happy throughout colder months of the year.