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Columbus Ohio’s Best Dog Training

Columbus Ohio’s Best Dog Trainer
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Dog Training Obedience & Off-Leash Packages

Are you ready to have your dog off leash, under control with solid obedience in just TEN days?

Terry Cook offers various board and train packages for all dog breeds, private lessons that are great for puppies and adult dogs, as well as service dog training in the Columbus Ohio area. Terry Cook has been serving the Columbus Ohio area as a certified dog trainer since 2009. From basic K9 obedience to off leash control and even the more severe behavior modification training of anxiety, aggression, or fearfulness. Every dog training package is personalized during your free in-home evaluation in order to have your dog off-leash and listening to you with solid obedience commands.

Are you unsure which dog training package is right for you and your dog? Dog training board and train packages are a great way to get your dog started off on the right foot in the obedience department if you currently have a busy schedule, while private lessons allow you to be hands-on and implement the positive training techniques in between lessons for off leash control.

Terry Cook prides himself on delivering fast dog training results while servicing all of the Columbus OH area within a 50-mile radius. Feel free to fill out the quick contact form and we will be in touch to schedule your free dog training in-home evaluation to answer any questions you may have about puppy classes, obedience dog training lessons or off leash control for your K9!

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Columbus Ohio Dog Trainer Terry Cook

Dog training for obedient and off leash K9’s in the Columbus OH area

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As we start the dog training journey together let me introduce myself and welcome you to the world of dog training in the Columbus Ohio area.

My name is Terry Cook and I am a certified professional dog trainer that specializes in basic to advanced obedience with off leash control. I started dog training as a hobby while breeding and raising Schutzhund titled German Shepherd Dogs in Lancaster Ohio. In 2009 I opened and was the original owner of one of the biggest dog training franchises in Columbus Ohio. I sold my Columbus Ohio franchise in 2016 in order to open my own independent dog training company for families that want to have a stronger bond with their dog through obedience training. I have worked with all types of canines, from rescued and adopted mixed breed dog to pure-bred dogs and puppies of all age and sizes. I work with K9’s that are not just pets but family members. Are you looking for the best dog trainer in Columbus Ohio? Terry Cook offers the best dog training for a happy and confident offleash K9 through positive reinforcement training.

What type of training methods do you use for obedience and off leash control with my dog?

I am versatile in my positive dog training methods due to understanding that not all dogs are the same. I have seen the amazing transformation in each dog and puppy with over nine years of using positive redirectional dog training, it brings out the best in every canine while boosting their confidence and building trust through basic obedience commands on and off the leash. As a Columbus Ohio Dog Trainer, I will never punish a dog for doing something that is undesired because that ruins trust and does the opposite of forming a strong bond between the owner and their dog while your K9 is learning different obedience commands. I will never condone yelling, punishing or intimidating your K-9 to get your dog to do what you want. My dog training methods include treat training, clicker training, leash and collar training along with e-collar training as well. I help dog owners understand how to communicate with their dog positively and effectively that will not only make your obedience training easy but fun as well! I can help you get your dog off-leash in as little as 3 private dog training lessons.

What will my dog learn through your Columbus Ohio Dog Training program?

As the owner and head dog trainer of Dog Trainer Columbus Ohio when you
choose me as your certified dog trainer, upon graduating from my dog training your K 9 will:Columbus Ohio Dog Trainer, columbus ohio dog training, terry cook, german shepherd, obedience training, off leash training
Come to you when called
Be able to sit and hold a sit
Be able to lay down and hold a down
Learn the command place

Wait at the door before walking outside and before walking back inside
Leave anything you want alone
Stop jumping up on guests and family members
Be able to walk on a loose leash
Be off leash reliable with all commands (not available for all dog training packages)

I will also fix any behavioral problems your dog may be struggling with through positive dog training, not just put a band-aid on problems. After completing your dog training you will be able to know how to problem solve things such as:
Teaching your puppy to stop pottying inside and learning housebreaking basics
Stop your dog or puppy from chewing inappropriate items
How to crate train your puppy or dog so they like their crate
Stop your dog from getting into the trash
Stop your dog from digging in the backyard
Stop your puppy from inappropriate biting
Stop your dog from jumping up on the table and counter surfing
How to ease and eliminate your dog’s separation anxiety
How to stop your dog from barking nonstop 
How to stop your dog’s aggression towards other dogs and people without medicating your dog
How to stop your dog or puppy from being scared or fearful + any submissive issues

See what past Columbus Ohio dog training clients have had to say on my testimonials page!

certified dog trainer, columbus ohio, terry cook, obedience training, behavior modificationFor every new client in the Columbus Ohio area that chooses me, your Columbus Ohio Dog Trainer, will receive a FREE in-home dog training evaluation, where I come to you to evaluate your dog and give you a personalized price quote based on the positive dog training tools that we will be using and how many lessons it will take to have your dog off leash with solid obedience. Every dog training package has a LIFETIME SUPPORT guarantee as well. That is how much I want to help you and the guarantee I promise you when you choose Columbus Ohio Dog Trainer Terry Cook for all your dog training needs. I help all K9’s from dog training with puppies to older dog breeds, to aggressive dogs and even help the dogs who have flunked previous dog training classes.

Let’s face it, when you come home and your dog has chewed up the living room chair legs, scratched the door frames or your dog even frantically pulls you down the street during walks, that does add stress to your life, right? I am ready to come to you for a free dog training evaluation in the Columbus Ohio area and show you that you can have a dog that can be obedient with off-leash control and has nice public manners towards any guest.

*** Most of my dogs are off leash in 3 dog training lessons and there won’t be any additional charge if I have to come out again to help your dog be reliable offleash after lesson 3.

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