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The Dog Woods

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Are you uneasy about leaving your dog in a boarding kennel when you go out of town?
Do you want your dog to stay in a more luxurious kennel than chain link or clear glass?
Would you like to pick up a clean dog after being gone all week?

Welcome to The Dog Woods, your all-inclusive pet resort and spa that services all of Columbus, Ohio! At The Dog Woods, we offer cage-free apartments in our cozy boarding environment. We are limited to only nine kennels in order to continue to give individual one-on-one attention to each of our canine guests.

The Dog Woods Pet Resort & Spa is located on my private property next to my home in Lancaster, Ohio. Say goodbye to loud traffic noises and excessive barking in a boarding facility that has over 50 or more kennels filled with dogs. Our dog retreat is nestled away on a cabin property with two-acres of fenced-in play area and nature trails for your dog to enjoy.

We offer private, den-like apartments for your dog in small, medium or large sizes. All nine of our overnight apartments have solid doors to not only make your dog feel more secure but to prevent your pup from staying up all night barking at their adjacent neighbors or being on watch duty. With only nine doggy apartments available we promise you that your dog will enjoy our stress-free pet resort & spa while they’re here!

When you choose The Dog Woods All-Inclusive Pet Resort & Spa to care for your furry family member they will receive:

🐾 Complementary doggy daycare with potty breaks in our two-acres of fenced in play area that will cause wagging tails and happy smiles.
🐾 A private one-on-one dog walk on our nature trail (weather permitting).
🐾 Cage-free apartments with solid doors so they can have true privacy and a den-like apartment to prevent constantly being on watch duty or barking at their adjacent neighbors.
🐾 A free go-home bath for stays five days or longer.
🐾 A kong (with or without peanut butter).
🐾 A raised place cot with blankets (you’re always welcome to bring your own bed and blankets as well!)
🐾 No additional medication administration charge.
🐾 Our doggy apartments can house multi-dog families so they can stay together!
🐾 Dog and water bowls in each apartment.
🐾 Daily apartment house keeping.
🐾 Temperature controlled building with ceiling fans and nighttime lights
🐾 A fenced-in pavilion so your dog doesn’t have to potty in the rain or walk through the snow.
🐾 Best of all unlimited biscuits and belly rubs for all of our canine guests!


We have four small apartments that are 3.5 x 4 with windows to bring in natural sunlight during the day. These are perfect for your little pup to stay in!


We have three medium apartments that are 3.5 x 5 and are the perfect size for your medium or a small pup if you really wanted them to have some extra apartment space!


We have two large apartments that are 5 x 5 in size and these are one of our top favorites that book up fast for large dogs or multi-dog families who want them to stay together!


Do you want your dog to stay with us but don’t have the time to drive from Columbus Ohio to Lancaster Ohio? Not a problem, we can pick-up and drop off your dog for you!

$50.00 roundtrip fee that includes picking-up and dropping-off your dog or $25.00 one-way fee to pick-up or drop-off Fido for you!


Call our office at 614-379-2748 to reserve your apartment or submit this quick form HERE