Do you sleep with your pet?

Lots of us do. Some of us feel guilty. Some of us just know it feels right. Some of us would not dream (pardon the pun) of doing so.

New research has show that sleeping with pets may be a risky business. Diseases such as cat scratch disease, plague, staphylococcus and more can be passed on.

Should this stop you? I say don’t it. if you love to sleep with your pet, go for it. if your going to catch something, it can happen anywhere, not just your bed. The risks of catching diseases are low if you observe effective hygiene measures, visit your vet regularly and keep your pet’s health treatments up to date.

The exceptions to this might be:

– if your immune system is compromised

– if your dog is aggressive

– if your dog is objecting to a new partner

– if your dog is likely to be overly bonded to you and suffer from separation anxiety (try a gradual separation)

Of course, you should seek some help if any of these situation apply to you or your household. And you should always supervise children’s interactions with pets, even when one or both parties are asleep.

Sleeping with your pet may cement the bond that exists between humans and animals. We know that pets are good for us, our physiological and psychological health improves with a pet and we feel less lonely.

The biggest risk for most of us pet owners in sleeping with our pets is the lack of a good night’s sleep. Do you sleep with your pet?