Wanna work towards building dog confidence? Is your dog nervous around other dogs and people? If you follow these basic steps, you’ll find an increase in your dog confidence levels.

It is vital when trying to build up dog confidence that you show good canine leadership to your dog. This is the same as showing leadership in day-to-day life with people. If you are unsure as to what to do here, there are plenty of self-help books on how to be a good leader. If you exude confidence yourself, this will rub off on your pet in the shape of increased dog confidence.

Feed your dog after you, with this have your dog show manners before receiving its food source.

Go through doorways and gates first, teach your dog to wait and go through last.

Only allow your dog up on furniture or bedding on invitation.

Ignore as much attention seeking from your dog as possible.

Don’t feed your dog from the table.

Don’t allow your dog to meet and greet your visitors until your dog is calm and relaxed.

Allow people to pat your dog, once your dog is in a calm sit position.

Don’t allow your dog to jump up on people, especially children.

Teach your dog lots of obedience and tricks training. This builds confidence and trust in you and your decision making.

Correct your dog properly, only using a vocal correction. NEVER HIT OR SMACK YOUR DOG.

Praise and reward your dog for any BRAVE behaviour he/she shows.

Following these basics will help to build dog confidence!